Wicked Charms

51QldFedykL._SX355_Aiden Brinlaw is an anomaly of every kind. His best friend since childhood is Prince John, the evil usurper everyone else hates. And he is a wizard, the first male ever in his mother’s ancient faery line to inherit the Falconskeep magic. John sends him to the highlands of Scotland to secure a castle there, promising that if he is successful, he can marry John’s little sister, Katherine, a favorite of King Richard. But when Aiden reaches Glencairn, he finds Evelyn, the beautiful Scottish betrothed of his dead predecessor, living there with her son, Max. Evelyn is smart, warm, and kind, but she’s hardly above using her feminine wiles to secure a home and title for her son. She is determined to make this English newcomer her husband and to make Max his heir. Aiden, who must marry the princess to have the castle at all, is equally determined to make the lovely Evelyn his mistress.Their battle of wits and wills unlocks not only their hearts but an ancient curse far more powerful than petty politics and empty promises, a connection to an ancient supernatural race that once ruled the lands around Glencairn and could return to destroy them forever.

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