This Dangerous Magic


Malinda Brinlaw is a witch. She is the daughter of Lord William and Lady Alista Brinlaw, favorites of King Henry II, and she has inherited her mother’s faery magic. But unlike her mother, she glories in her powers, often recklessly, leading her parents to send her away from the royal court and the schemes of Queen Eleanor for her own protection. Tarquin FitzBruel is the half-brother of Malinda’s cousin, Nan, a warrior and pirate recently returned from the Middle East for Nan’s wedding. When Will asks him to stay at Brinlaw and look after Malinda, Tarquin knows he should say no. His mother told him when he was a boy that he was the spawn of a demon, forever damned, forever possessed, and everything he has done and felt since has convinced him she was right. But he has seen visions of Malinda before he meets her, and her willful nature attracts and infuriates him as no other beauty could. And when Malinda sees Tarquin, she knows he is destined to be hers, and she will use any power she has, including her most dangerous magic, to have him.

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