for A Falcon’s Heart:

from Amazon customer reviews:

Colleen McMahon: What a wonderful find! This is the kind of book to lose yourself in for days, and considering that it’s the author’s first book, it’s phenomenal!

A Customer: A solid, old-fashioned medieval romance! Loved it and wish I could find more like it. If you liked this book, I’d also suggest Diana Gabaldon and Elizabeth Chadwick.

Eirenne: I was so captivated by this book that I read it quickly and although I just could not wait to get into the story I was saddened when it came to end.

from Heidi Heigl at All About Romance:

Jayel Wylie’s first offering is a stunningly beautiful romance, and the perfect example of everything I think a medieval should be: part fairy tale, part political map, and total romance – so palpable, so real, you can taste it on your tongue and feel it beating in your chest . . . Enchanting, breathtaking, and heartpounding by turns, it is a tale of love that would turn even the hardest of hearts.

from Jill Brager at Romantic Times:

While this is a familiar storyline, A FALCONS HEART is an enchanting love story. Ms. Wylie takes the tried-and-true and carries it off with a fresh approach, strong characters and good verbal repartie. Well worth the read.

for This Dangerous Magic:

from Amazon customer reviews:

snowkrystle: Now this is SOME book. I don’t usually like faery type books but this one is “GREAAAAAAT”. I stayed up ’til 3:30 A.M. to finish it. Couldn’t put it down.

from Goodreads:

A.M.: Demons, magic, two head-strong stubborn people, and romance. What more is there to say?

from Kelly Rae Cooper at RT Reviews:

In this welcome sequel to A Falcon’s Heart, Ms. Wylie continues the magical story of the Falconskeep women. Her infusion of fantasy and history is delightfully intriguing, creating a gritty yet charming narrative populated with heart-warming characters.

for Wicked Charms:

from Jennifer Keirans at All About Romance:

Aiden Brinlaw is one of the most lovable rogues I’ve had the pleasure to meet in romance fiction . . . . This is as much a power struggle as it is a love story, at least at first, and it is pure fun. I loved both characters; they are complex, courageous, and always amusing. It’s not always easy to warm up to an incredibly beautiful heroine, but Evelyn is so warm, intelligent, and self-deprecating that it’s impossible not to like her. Her loveliness has caused her a lot of problems in life, but she never indulges in “It’s hard to be beautiful” angst; she is perfectly aware of the power of her face and body, and uses them as the only weapon she has. Aiden, as I mentioned, is a charismatic and funny ne’er-do-well whose surface charm hides a serious dose of ambition and drive. They are both extremely stubborn. Their dealings with one another are tumultuous, tender, and very romantic  . . . . I fell in love with these two people just as they fell in love with each other, and I loved reading their romance.



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