A Falcon’s Heart

sorceressAlista has been taking care of her noble father’s household for most of her life as he has fought on the side of King Stephen in his bloody civil war. But when peace is made and her father dies, she is forced to marry Will, a close friend and ally of the new king. Will was born at Brinlaw, the castle where Alista lives; his own father built it then lost it in the wars. He is determined to reclaim it and bend this inconvenient but beautiful mistress-in-residence to his will.  Grief-stricken and alone, Alista accepts him as her husband, and he resolves to make her as happy as he can. But their uneasy peace is shattered when evidence surfaces that Will might have had something to do with Alista’s father’s death. When he is called to court to answer this charge, Alista escapes Brinlaw and returns to the ruin of her mother’s castle at Falconskeep.  In this haunted place, she discovers powers she never knew she had and a magical past that could bring her closer to this maddening knight she loves or tear them apart forever.

falcon's heart cover
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